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AI-based intelligent prospecting and activation engine that enables more conversions and sales.

Web App - Dashboard - R&D


Reinvents the housing experience through unique and fully equipped living spaces.

Web App - Onboarding - APIs

Vefa Online

Facilitates contact between property developers and social landlords prior to their transactions.

Web App - Marketplace


5 minute series to read on smartphones: the Netflix of reading.

Web App - Mobile First


A personal development app that offers themes and actions to refocus on yourself.

Web App - Mobile First


Helps companies improve the collaborative work experience and outsource flexible real estate.

Web App - Mobile First


Allows workers to consult and book in advance the menus of the day proposed around them.

Hybrid Mobile App - Dashboard


Complete valuation tool for start-ups and custom reporting for investors.

Web App - Dashboard - Data

Cube Editor

The smart specifications editor and project management tool of Cube.

Web App - Onboarding - Dashboard


Automated search for real estate with high profitability for rental investment.

Web App - APIs - R&D

DrPath (MapPatho)

Find and generate the best care path for patients depending on their pathology.

Web App - Search Engine - APIs


Office management made quick and easy.

Web App - Onboarding - Dashboard