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Our mission: Reshape the web agency.
Bringing a web application to life is a long, complex and risky adventure.
50% of development projects end in failure, generally victims of a misinterpretation of needs by the developer. 30% never see the light of day or are not deployed.

The world of software development is undergoing unprecedented change with the rapid development technologies No-Code and Low-Code. Cube has developed a deep expertise on the most advanced visual programming technology: Bubble.io to help entrepreneurs launch their digital projects in record time.

Cube agency activity

A passionate French team of experts in Bubble.io Low-Code technology.

We love to turn ambitious ideas into successful products.
Pioneer and expert in Bubble.io technology, we design tailor-made web applications for companies of all sizes.

From the Big Idea to Scaling.
We have developed the first intelligent platform that guides you in the expression of your need and provides the developer with exhaustive specifications to materialize your project without (unpleasant) surprises. Create your project in just a few steps and monitor developments in real time in your personal Cube space.

Would you like support during the design phase? We can co-create with you the specifications of your project. You benefit from the experience of our product experts to design and materialize your innovative project. We welcome you in our premises for a half-day workshop with our teams or remotely with our dedicated specifications editor.

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