Break the (low) code with Legend of Zeldinia

Break the (low) code is a succession of short articles which aim to analyse websites and applications built on Bubble.

This article is a bit different from the previous ones since we won’t dig into a business app this time. In fact, the targeted app is called Legend Of Zeldinia and is a copycat of the famous Nintendo Gameboy series The Legend of Zelda.

For those who, like us, are amazed to see that it is possible to build a game on Bubble, follow our lead.

What is Legend Of Zeldinia ?

You probably already know the Legend of Zelda, don’t you ? This series of games developed by Nintendo since the late 80’s featuring a pointy-elf-like-eared boy committed to saving the princess Zelda. As of today, the franchise sold dozens of millions of copies on all Nintendo platforms. Among them, the games developed on the portable devices (ie GameBoy) have always been huge references in the game industry.

Legend of Zeldinia aims to reproduce the game experience of the GameBoy opus. Interesting, isn’t it ?

Few weeks ago, we wrote an article in which we listed the possibilities of Bubble and the limits of the editor. In particular, we mentioned that it wasn’t possible to “Create (advanced) video games”. Although this is still true, it’s time to see what the term “advanced” truly means.

Inside the app

As soon as the app is loaded, we are transported into the GameBoy universe. Everything is here : the device itself with its arrows and two action buttons, the game screen with well designed game elements, objects and backgrounds. There is even an enchanting music playing in the back.

Fast, we understand that we’ll have to walk all around the environment to discover the underlying goals and treasures of the game exactly as we expect it to be in a “real role playing game”.

The thing that holds our attention the most is the interaction with the environment. We can read signs, talk to people. Wow! It probably took J805 (the game developer) some hours thinking on how to implement such feature and get a result as clean as this.

Image for post

After leaving the first level, we are amazed to see another map being instantly loaded, allowing us to continue our journey inside the world of Hyrulia (reference to Hyrule, the original name of the world in The Legend of Zelda).

In addition to being a completely new level, all the graphic elements have changed as well: the terrain has changed, there is a brand new path to follow, and another element to interact with.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time (right now) to finish the game but we’re getting more and more addicted to it as the game passes (at least we already have a sword and a lamp in our inventory!).

The icing on the cake

Not only did J805 do a really great job by managing to develop this game using Bubble, he also built a Game Builder on top of it.

The Legend of Zeldinia game builder

As you can see on the preview, each level is based on multiple screens which define the character path along the level. Each screen is built using the assets library on the left side of the editor. When combined, it results in a fully custom view like those we’ve seen before.

The builder (and the project overall) is still in a very early stage and we can expect more and more evolutions to come. But when we see such amazing projects built by the community, we can only be very confident for the future of Bubble and impatient to see what’s coming next.