Break the (low) code with Incomee

Break the (low) code is a succession of short articles which aim to analyse websites and applications built on Bubble.

Today, we’ll focus on a SaaS whose purpose is to improve freelances’ job : Incomee.

What is Incomee ?

In the previous article about Deskapad we mentioned the future of work and how companies will have to evolve in order to embrace the changes that are coming. One of these is the rise of independent workers which is happening in every field that has already been digitized (ie software development, project management, content, …). reports that about 43% of US workforce will be freelancers by 2020. If this is true, we are pretty sure that Incomee has its best days ahead.

Why ? Because Incomee helps freelances run their business by helping to automate recurring time-consuming tasks. For instance, the platform handles proposals and invoices generation, online payments all gathered in one single dashboard.

The Barcelona based company claims to have already seduced more than 1200 freelances all over the world. Unnecessary to say that it definitely stirred up our curiosity and our will to dig into the product …

Inside the app

Our first impression when we land on the WebApp is, without doubt, that the design is very simple and clean totally aligned with the value proposition “Simplicity, no complexity”. Knowing how difficult it can be to come up with a clean responsive design on Bubble, we can tell that a huge effort has been made to reach this quality.

About the onboarding: straight to the point! We definitely love the approach.

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When signing into the app, the user is immediately asked to choose a subscription and redirected to the payment platform. Whereas it surely can discourage some leads from continuing, the aggressive pricing strategy should convince a larger part.

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The onboarding ends in a 3-steps form before landing onto our personal dashboard. While this is very user friendly, the non-customized / raw Stripe button tarnishes a bit the whole.

Anyway, we’re glad to get our Dashboard ready in less than 2 minutes.

About the Dashboard: user friendly and full of great features

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Following, some of the features more or less hidden inside the product :

  • Invoice / Proposal management: from creating these documents to sending them to the clients, everything is quite intuitive and easy to find.
  • Dashboard visualisation: despite some missing data from our side to make the most of the analytics section, we can easily imagine how data are rendered. We get a clear view on our revenue progress and our goal of the year. One minor indicator that could be added is the percentage of the goal in comparison to the remaining time until the end of the year.
  • Settings: clear and functional view of our account information with our subscription details, even though we face some strange responsive behavior on smaller screens.
  • Notifications: big Kudo for the notifications on new updates feature that, as far as we’re concerned, brings the user experience to a next level.

The icing on the cake

At Cube we LOVE automation!

Seriously, why take a precious time to do the tasks that can be done by a computer?

So, when we discovered that Incomee had an automation feature, we had to expose it.

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The feature is quite simple but again, very useful for a freelance managing several projects at the same time. Basically, when creating an invoice, the user has the possibility to tick the “Email this invoice automatically” checkbox so that their invoice will be automatically sent to their client on the payment due date.

Personally I’d like to see more of this kind of automated tools in Bubble applications because the value generated is so huge in comparison to the time it takes to develop such feature.

I’ll end this article by highlighting the power of Bubble when it comes to building beautiful apps despite the common beliefs. Of course, it requires a great expertise, commitment and rigor to reach equivalent results.

Time to make some proposals, isn’t it ? Do it now on Incomee.