Break the (low) code with Deskapad

Break the (low) code is a succession of short articles which aim to analyse websites and applications built on Bubble.

In this very first episode, we will focus on Deskapad : a recently launched application built with very few code.

What is Deskapad?

Deskapad helps companies to optimize their real-estate, enhance remote work experience and boost their team productivity. How? By letting their employees work where, when and how they want.

With an access to more than 1000 co-working spaces in France already and an on-demand booking service, Deskapad brings to its clients the flexibility they need to embrace the upcoming changes in work habits.

Even though these changes were to be expected in the coming years, the coronavirus crisis acted as a catalyst for what is probably going to be one of the greatest revolutions companies are about to face. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to highlight this project.

Inside the app

Who said one couldn’t build mobile apps with Bubble ? Deskapad, as a mobile-first web application, is THE perfect counter example. Let’s dig into it.

At first glance, the main focus here seems to be a simple and smooth interface to make the app easy to adopt.

All accounts are created upfront and mandatory users information are already pre-filled. By doing so, Deskapad administrators remove a serious pain for their users who can enjoy the app straight without entering any other unnecessary information.

Smooth and easy to understand onboarding
Log in and app onboarding

Besides, as shown in the extract above, after logged in, users are only 5 clicks away from finding the co-working space that perfectly fits their needs.

The choice made by the founder here, to categorize workspaces by use case first instead of location, is a bold yet paying strategy to be the closest as possible to responding to the user’s expectations.

Choose the schedule and book a workspace in 3 clicks
Space booking in 3 clicks

However, the simple and clean style of the application hides a complex and very flexible solution. Since the main value proposition of Deskapad is to let anyone work from anywhere when they desire, the flexibility in the choice of type of space and schedule is brought to a fever pitch.

And it works ! In a blink of an eye, I’ve already booked our next co-working experience for my colleagues and myself.

The icing on the cake

We all know Bubble is very permissive (if you don’t, just take a look at it) : you can build anything you want and unfortunately, too often, unproductive / non-optimized applications.

“At the end of the development, the app was 5 times faster.“ Maxime Garcia, low-code developer

What we really like about Deskapad, is the effort put into optimizing the search engine to speed up the results display despite the numerous filters (location, schedule, people, type of location, …) that need to be taken into account. This obviously require a lot of time thinking of the best database architecture design while keeping in mind that it may be subject to changes in the future. This app surely wouldn’t be the same if this had not been taken care of.

This project is a great example that shows why no-code is powerful and yet complex. Without knowledge, nor experience in developing no-code solutions, one could simply fail to meet their value proposition when facing such technical issue…

Ready to book your first co-working space? Try Deskapad now.

If you’d like to know more about Deskapad founder, read his interview.